Causes of Back Pain


Back pain and hurting discomfort are widespread across all the ages. This can be resulting from several things either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsically when the body is stressed primarily the structural parts like the discs, muscles, bones and the ligaments joining to the spine. External effects can cause back muscle sprains and strains. There are major causes of back pains which will be discussed shortly below.

The first causative agent for back pain is an infection. Bacterial infection of the body structures like the bones, spinal cord, and the discs may cause serious harm to the back. Most of these infections develop silently within the body and without being noticed, and in most cases, they are seen at late stages which in most cases are irreversible. Although dangerous, these infections are sporadic. In most cases, an infection of lung or the kidney may lead to back pain. These conditions can become very fatal when untreated promptly because upon the entrance of the bacteria to the blood system if they can cause sepsis.

In addition to this, bowel inflammatory diseases can also cause severe back pain. When the large intestine is inflamed, the inside parts can have pain which will be transferred to the back and be perceived as back pain. Due to development of ulcers in the bowel, this can lead to perforations and end up causing bowel obstruction. In a case like this, you should an early medical checkup and get the best care. Learn about whole health here!

Thirdly, the aortic aneurysm can lead to back pain. This is the ballooning of the blood vessel called the aorta due to maybe age or any other cause. This leads to a significant problem because, in case of the vessel ruptures, it might result in excessive internal bleeding which is very fatal and life-threatening to the patient. If this happens on several blood vessels, then they may induce a lot of abdominal pain which will be felt at the back.

Presence of pulmonary embolism and infection can also cause back pain. This is due to large blood clot especially in the legs leading to swelling of the legs and readiness. This causes a lot of discomfort to the patient. The Bigger problem now sets in when the clot starts moving upwards through the heart. This will lead to chest and a lot of back pain. This is very fatal because it can also lead to heart attack risks. These are just some of the causes of back pain the list is long. In general, the back is a symptom of many abnormalities in the body, and it should be well attended to whenever it arises. Contact chiropractors in columbiasc to know more!